Mokume Process  

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Intricate process, timeless beauty...

Each piece of mokume gane is unique. The intricate intertwining patterns that develop in the precious metals occur organically, ensuring that each mokume gane piece is as unique as the person for whom it is made. The Mokume Gane process involves laminating the metals together under intense pressure and heat so diffusion bonding occurs. After many hours in the kiln at high temperature the metal is cooled slowly and the billet trimmed and milled.

Another method of creating mokume stock is by stacking and binding smaller sheets of metals together and soldering them into a billet. The patterns are developed though a combination of burring, filing and chasing the surface, twisting and manipulating the metal throughout the milling process. Once a billet or sheet is created it then may be employed in the fabrication of a piece of jewelry.



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