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Artist Statement

Sculptural Body Adornments ~ Timeless Aesthetic

The technical challenge of utilizing seemingly disparate and juxtaposed textures and colors to create tension, contrast and a visual focal point is primary aesthetic that inspires the direction of a my jewelry making.

Through a transparency of process, I seek to work in tandem with my materials evoking forms that are at once surprising yet familiar; rustic yet refined; always functionally appropriate for wearable jewelry. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated from all recycled metals.  No new silver or gold mining. Gemstones are certified conflict-free and diamonds Kimberly Process certified.

Richard Elkin is a bench jeweler and designer. His creative background in design and fabrication dates back to 1978 and encompasses training in Metalsmithing, jewelry fabrication, ceramic arts and sculpture. He has extensive experience as an Arts Educator.
(603) 568 – 6828

Elkin Studio Jewelers
PO Box 2759
Corrales NM 87048 USA

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