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Fine Turquoise & Variscite Collection

Hand mined by Richard and Helen Shull

I’m happy to announce a fabulous collaboration with miners and gem cutters Richard and Helen Shull.

Richard and Helen are such wonderful folks and living and mining in Dyer, Nevada. The exceptional turquoise and variscite they produce is mined in an earth friendly, environmentally responsible manner, by them. They have deep respect for the earth and for the wonder of the gems it produces. Many of the gems they mine are from “commercially extinct” mines and the stones from these mines haven’t been available for decades. The variety and brilliance, the subtle coloration and saturation are completely natural. Not dyed, not enhanced. Just as Mother Nature made them.

In order to honor these amazing folks and their work I have created a selection of jewelry with the gems set in 22k yellow gold and some highlighted with diamonds and sapphires. The results are stunning!

I hope you enjoy these pieces and if you want a custom designed piece I would be happy to hear from you.